Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Complete Crawlspace Makeover in Champaign, IL

Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by Jordan Link


Richard P. of Champaign, Illinois, had a damp, wet, leaking crawlspace that could not keep moisture and water out. He had a plastic matting down throughout the crawlspace, but it was not doing enough to keep the moisture out.

To add to his problems, Richard had a sunken driveway slab that was noticeably lower in front of his home. He called Woods Basement Systems, where Systems Design Specialist Greg Birckbichler came out to deisgn a solution based on Richard's needs.

Richard needed a solution that would keep his crawlspace dry and insulated, and his driveway level.


The best solution for Richard was to install a variety of products. To keep Richard's crawlspace dry and insulated, Woods Basement Systems installed a CleanSpace® vapor barrier, SilverGlo™ insulation wall panels, a SaniDry™ CX dehumidifier, TerraBlock™ insulated floor covering, a drainage matting to help direct water to the SmartPipe system, which ends up in the SmartSump crawlspace sump pump. Outside, PolyLevel® polyurethane foam was used to level the concrete driveway slabs.

Foreman James Long came out to do the installations in the crawlspace. The installation began by installing the SmartPipe system, which was installed around the perimiter of the crawlspace. Any water entering the crawlspace would enter the SmartPipe, either by water running down the crawlspace wall, or came up through the ground. The SmartPipe has a special wall flange to collect water and openings on the back to collect water from the ground. The SmartPipe was installed in the ground and covered with dirt and then the drainage matting.

The drainage matting was installed first on the crawlspace floor, and has special dimples on the underside to wick moisture and eventually bring it to the SmartPipe to be transported to the SmartSump sump pump. The sump pump was installed in the crawlspace, and connected to the SmartPipe drainage system.

Over the drainage matting went the TerraBlock™ insulation. The TerraBlock™ insulation was durable enough to fit over the uneven crawlspace floor and includes a durable moisture barrier in addition to the insulation.

The CleanSpace® vapor barrier was installed over the TerraBlock™ insulation. This process air-sealed the crawspace floor, controlling the moisture coming through. The barrier was mechanically fastened to the TerraBlock™ insulation to ensure barrier does not disconnect. The CleanSpace® vapor barrier was the last layer to be added to the crawlspace floor after the drainage matting and the TerraBlock™ insulation.

The team then installed the SilverGlo™ insulation panels. These panels were mechanically fastened to the wall to prevent them from falling down, and installed close together to help prevent air from leaking through the panels. The combination of the SilverGlo™ insulation panels and the TerraBlock™ floor insulation will provide a strong barrier to heat and cold air, keeping the heat out in the summer, and cold air out in the winter.

For maximum moisture protection, the team installed a SaniDry™ CX dehumidifier, with a discharge line to empty the water from the home without the need to empty the machine.

The PolyLevel® installation was completed by foreman William Teter and his team. The process began with drilling holes in the concrete slab, preparing for the polyurethane foam injection. The team placed plastic injection ports in each hole, and injected the foam into the holes, immediately raising the slab. The team raised the slab to a level position, and removed the injection ports. They filled each hole with the discarded dust from the drilling, added to fresh mortar to give the slab a seamless look, hiding the small holes.

Now, Richard enjoys a level driveway, and a crawlspace he knows will remain dry and insulated, with the ability to control moisture levels.

Project Summary

Systems Design Specialist: Gregory Birckbichler

Primary Foreman: James Long IV

Primary Foreman: William Teter

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