Woods Basement Systems, Inc. Case Studies: Musty, Moldy Urbana, Illinois Crawl Space Restored

Monday, January 30th, 2017 by Desiree Bainbridge


Urbana, Illinois homeowners John and Karan I. were troubled by their musty, moldy crawl space. Water leaked into their crawl space through the block foundation walls, and caused mold to overtake the area. In addition to the water problems, the insulation of their crawl space was deteriorating. Mold ate away at their home's structural support and the insulation. Woods Basement Systems system design specialist Greg B. designed a solution to restore their crawl space.


Foreman James L. installed the SmartPipe around the perimeter of the crawl space. SmartPipe collects and guides water to the SmartPump sump pump system and away from the home.Then, the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is an inorganic vapor barrier, so it does not support mold growth. CleanSpace encapulates the crawl space to ensure water stays out. Mold thrives in areas of high humidity. SaniDry, an energy-efficient dehumidifier, was also installed. Keeping the humidity low keeps the mold away.

To solve their insulation problems, TerraBlock and SilverGlo insulation were installed. TerraBlock was installed to the floor of the crawl space. It prevents moisture from entering the crawl space while insulating the area. SilverGlo was installed to the walls. It acts as a radiant heat barrier and vapor barrier. These systems work together to insulate the crawl space and create a more energy-efficient home. 

John and Karan are pleased with their restored crawl space. They are at ease knowing their crawl space will stay dry and free of mold. These solutions have created a more comfortable, energy-efficient and safe home.

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Greg Birckbichler

Primary Foreman: James Long

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