Wayne Woods

Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Title: General Manager

Hometown: Greenville, IL

Wayne Woods from Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Since Wayne was a teenager, he has worked in one area or another at Woods Basement Systems, Inc. In fact, he has held nearly every postion in the company over the last 28 years, which has given him a great deal of past experience that he applies daily as the General Manager.

Wayne is a Certified Waterproofing Professional and a Certified Foundation Specialist. He frequently attends training in the industry and engages in employee training on an ongoing basis. Wayne takes personal responsibility for each customer on every project and is a valued member of the Woods Basement Systems team.

Wayne's day to day duties include working with each team leader to find ways of providing a higher level of WOW! service for each customer. Wayne not only enjoys working each day with his own family, but also understands the importance of providing a family atmosphere for each and every team member. Wayne feels that when people enjoy what they do each day, they in turn provide customers with a better overall experience. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Customer Reviews
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  • By Victoria L.
    Saint Louis, MO

    "Mr. Woods came to the house we owned in 1986 to check a crack in our basement floor. We had not had any water; I was just worried..."

    Customer Review

    By Victoria L.
    Saint Louis, MO

    Mr. Woods came to the house we owned in 1986 to check a crack in our basement floor. We had not had any water; I was just worried about the crack. He could have sold me thousands of dollars worth of stuff because I knew NOTHING about this. But, he checked it out and told me he didn't think I had anything to worry about. It was a hairline crack in the floor, but to me it was worrisome! I appreciated his honesty and when we absolutely needed to have our small basement space finished in the home we are now in, we called Woods as a preemptive measure. We spent a boatload of money (over $10,000), but have not had any water issues in the areas they addressed. It was worth the peace of mind.

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  • "Like a new wall" Read Full Testimonial

    Bill H. of Robinson, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              After fixing my wall, adding the white panels over the stained block foundation looks wonderful!
    Bill H.
    Robinson, IL
  • "Piers installed!" Read Full Testimonial

    Joann F. of St Louis , MO

    Customer Testimonial

              Piers installed! The Design Specialist had a very good presentation. The really reason why I chose Woods was the good referrals and personal phone call from Wayne Woods to help with things. After you did the work the clean up was EXCELLENT. I am very satisfied with the work.
    Joann F.
    St Louis , MO

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Remodeling 550 Award

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