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Myths Debunked: Radon

You may have heard of radon. (If not, you can learn more here.) If you have heard of radon, it’s likely you have heard a few myths. We’re here to clear things up. We’ve debunked some common myths about radon.


Myth: Radon is only evident in some areas.

Fact: Radon is stranger to no area in the United States. Regardless where you live, radon can be found. Whether your home is old or new, the soil is sandy or clay, or if you live on a mountain or valley, the threat of radon is there.


Myth: There isn’t radon in my neighbor’s home, so mine must be good.

Fact: Radon does not follow patterns. Your home could have high levels of radon, even if all of your neighbors’ radon tests came back good. It is important to test your home regardless of the radon levels in the surrounding area.


Myth: I can’t see or smell radon, so it can’t be that harmful.

Fact: Radon is both colorless and odorless, so it is undetectable to human senses. Though the threat is invisible, it is eminent. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, so it is important to have your home tested and if needed, mitigated.


Myth: Radon testing is difficult.

Fact: Testing for radon is simple. You can learn about the 5 easy steps here. You simply set the test, leave it for a few days, then send it to the testing center.


Myth: I don’t have a basement, so radon can’t be in my home.

Fact: Radon is a naturally occurring gas. It can seep into your home whether you have a basement or not. Due to the stack effect, air from beneath your home is moved into your home. Even without a basement, you are at risk to radon exposure.



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