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5 Concrete Facts about PolyLevel

Do you have any sinking concrete in or around your home? If so, PolyLevel may be the solution for you. PolyLevel takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology. Mudjacking uses cement slurry, or mud to fill in the void under sinking concrete which can wash away over time whereas, PolyLevel uses other methods for more permanent results. Here are a few facts to show the advantages of PolyLevel:


                         PolyLevel Before               PolyLevel After


1. Materials
PolyLevel utilizes high density polymers to raise slabs to the desired level. The polyurethane formula is similar to a foam. It’s lightweight, environmentally friendly, and will not deteriorate, rot or wash away underground.

2. Quick Cure Time
The concrete can be used within 15 minutes of installation, so there is no long wait for it to settle like mudjacking or concrete replacement.

3. High Capacity Lift Strength
The average lifting strength can range from 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square foot. So, you should have no worries about whether your concrete will be lifted or not because it is guaranteed to work.

4. Less Holes
There are no damaging large holes or mismatching concrete colors. Because the holes drilled for injection are dime-sized and filled with concrete, they are virtually unnoticeable.

5. Different Application Sites
PolyLevel can be applied in many different locations in and around a home. There are seven applications: driveways, sidewalks, patios & pool decks, stoops, porches, concrete steps, and interior floor slabs.


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