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6 Basement Wall Options

If you are looking to finish your basement, there are several options available for your walls that will work to insulate and waterproof along with adding a finished look to your basement. They include ZenWall panels. BrightWall paneling, CleanSpace Wall System, Foamax, Basement to Beautiful Panels, and EverLast panels.

ZenWall Panels
ZenWall panels have an insulated ocre and reflective backing. The clean, vinyl front of the panels provide a timeless look to your unfinished basement. These panels provide a moisture barrier to work with your waterproofing system to keep water out of your basement.


BrightWall Paneling
BrightWall panels use semi-rigid white plastic panels installed on the basement walls with drilled-in white fasteners. The paneling drains away any water that leaks down behind it to the WaterGuard perimeter drainage system. Additionally, while it is the lesser option when compared to ZenWall Panels, it can finish your basement walls for about 30% less the cost.


CleanSpace Wall System
CleanSpace is normally used for lining dirt crawl spaces, but it can be used for stone basement walls. Because the stone is not flat, ZenWall or BrightWall Paneling will not work. With it being a heavy, durable liner, it will have little waves in it after installation because it comes off a roll, rather then panels, but it is nearly impossible to rip. It also drains wall leaks, stops water vapor, and brightens up your basement.


Foamax is an advanced foam insulation panel with a white foil finish. A vapor barrier is on the back.Cold basement walls make for cold basements in the winter and can cause condensation o the walls in the summer. Foamax provides insulation and a bright, clean finish for a great price.


Basement to Beautiful Panels
Basement to Beautiful Panels are custom-engineered foam panels with integral studs that fasten directly to the foundation walls. The panels are made of advanced SilverGlo foam insulation with graphite infused throughout. The graphite causes the insulation value to go up by 24% over conventional foam. At 2 ½ inches, the thick foam creates a warm, protective layer for your basement.


Total Basement Finishing EverLast Wall Panels
Basement to Beautiful Panels are bit finished and need to have a finished system installed over them. The best option is the Total Basement Finishing EverLast Wall Panel. These panels are made specifically basement areas with it being a washable, vinyl finish. The walls are durable and difficult to dent, yet you can hand décor anywhere without needing to find studs.


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