Cleaning Out Your Gutters Could Prevent Expensive Repair

Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Adeline Collins

During the fall it is common for gutters to become clogged by leaves and debris. So, as we approach this season you will want to check your gutters to make sure they are clean and functioning properly.

 clogged gutters

Are clogged gutters that big of a deal?

Absolutely, cleaning out your gutters could prevent foundation settlement and cracking.


How does this happen?

Clogged gutters won’t allow rainwater to drain into the downspouts that direct water away from the home. Instead, the water will saturate the soil surrounding the basement or crawl space. This could cause the foundation to sink, erode, or cause the walls to bow due to the high water pressure in the soil.  Not only that, but this foundation damage could cause the foundation to crack, leading to water leaks.


How can I avoid this?

Clogged gutters can take a toll on your home’s foundation and threaten the safety of your home. Make sure this season you are checking your gutters regularly to prevent foundation damage to your home.


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