Has Mold Become More of an Issue Over Time?

Friday, November 16th, 2018 by Adeline Collins

Mold has been an issue that everyone is aware of. As society has increased our standards for clean living, our tolerance of mold has dropped extremely low.

The question is, has mold really become a greater issue that is has been in the past?


How Mold Has Become a Greater Issue Over Decades - Image 1

Yes, mold has easier access into our homes due to the changes in products we are using today.

Here are four reasons why mold has become more dangerous than previously.

1. Drywall

  • Homes in the past were built with plaster walls, whereas today they are made with drywall. Drywall contains paper which is susceptible to mold growth.

2. The lumber

  • The wood that is used to make homes has changed over time as well. Before heartwood was primarily used, today usually sapwood is used which is a sugar, saggy wood. Mold is susceptible to sugar.

3. Particleboard

  • Mold also favors particle board over other materials that were used in the past. Many homeowners have chosen to use particle board on their floors with laminate on top, but once a leak enters the basement the floor is ruined.

4. Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning is a fairly recent luxury that wasn’t present in the past. The issue is when these conditioners cool the air too quickly, which turns off the thermostat. This means that the dehumidifier for the indoor air isn’t on long enough, creating a moldy environment.

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