At-Home Radon Testing Kits

Friday, November 16th, 2018 by Adeline Collins


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Once you have ordered the at-home testing radon kit, the National Radon Defense provides a few tips and tricks to make sure your testing kit reads accurately. If you need help ordering or selecting a kit, give us a call at 1-866-627-6475.

Woods Basement Systems recommends following the EPA standards of ordering two radon testing kits to test together to compare and average the results. This will give you a better overall feel for the what the home’s average radon levels are.

After you have received both tests, follow the instructions carefully to yield the most accurate results. Make sure you are testing in either the basement or crawl space of your home in the middle of the room, away from possible windows or doors. If your basement is finished, test in a bedroom or area that you or your loved ones spend the most time in.

Fill out the testing information that comes along with the kit and wait for forty-eight hours for the kit to be complete. Once the testing kit is complete, reseal the kit into the package it came in and send the kit to the lab for testing. This process will take a few weeks, and then the results will be mailed back to you.

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