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Basement Finishing Ceiling Insulation

When finishing basements, homeowners usually don’t put much thought into the ceiling of the basement. At Woods Basement Systems, we want to spread awareness about the importance of ceiling insulation, it’s just as important as the flooring and walls!


We offer high-quality ceiling tiles that will enhance the appearance, comfort, and soundproofing of any basement. These tiles are a part of an innovative dropped ceiling system that displays a grid with built-in-lighting. Home’s that don’t have a finished basement has ceilings that contain fiberglass. Fiberglass batt insulation not only is extremely unattractive to look at, but they are not efficient. This system doesn’t insulate the basement because it will easily allow cold drafts into the basement from the upper areas of the home.

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Finishing a basement is expensive, there’s no secret there. To make the most out of this investment you want to make sure you are spending your money right the first time. These functional ceiling tiles will transform the look of your basement, reduce the noise from upper floors, and maintain a warmer temperature during the winter.


What about other, plain ceiling tiles? There are plenty of other titles out there, and you may be wondering why you should choose our drop ceiling system. Our ceiling tiles are not made with cellulose-rich materials that are susceptible to mold growth, unlike other tiles. Make your investment worth your money get long-lasting ceiling tiles for optimal performance.



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