Should You Finish Your Basement?

Friday, December 7th, 2018 by Adeline Collins


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During the winter most of us don’t step foot outside unless we absolutely have to. Most of our time is spent in our homes with our loved ones. Continually trapped inside can get overwhelming, especially when you aren’t satisfied with the amount of space in your home.


A finished basement is one of the most inexpensive ways to gain more space in a home. Crazy right? Rumor has it that finishing a basement is a long process with an even larger budget. Although finishing a basement isn’t necessarily dirt-cheap this option will give you the greatest value for your money spent.


There are a few other ways to create more space in your home. The most obvious would be to move. Moving on average cost up to five times the amount finishing a basement! (Not to mention the hassle of selling your home, finding another, moving your belongings, etc.) Of course, moving might be the best solution for you, but there is a lot more to this option than what the common homeowner wants to address.


A less expensive option compared to moving to a bigger house would be to build on to your current home. Although this option is half the price of moving entirely, this still more expensive than finishing your basement.  Again, this could be the best option for you, but remember that with this option you will need the yard to do so, it has to be within zoning setbacks from the property lines, and additions can’t be on the septic system, etc.


Finishing your basement is by far the simplest, fastest, least expensive, and least complicated option. That is why finishing a basement is a popular way to gain more living space.


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