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Dangers of Winter Snow to Your Home

Dangers of Winter Snow to Your Home - Image 1

Melted Snow = Rain

In the midst of winter, the last thought on a homeowner’s mind is to worry about waterproofing their basement. With large amounts of snow accumulating, the only potential issue is the pipes freezing, right? Wrong!

Once the temperatures rise and the snow melts, the snow can generate massive amounts of water that could create costly water damage repairs. The winter is the primary season to waterproof a basement due to the high volume of melted snow that could ultimately affect the safety of a home’s foundation.

Unsafe Foundation

Once the snow melts, just like rain, the effect of melted snow can cause serve damages to the foundation. A wet foundation can cause the walls of the home to crack, bow, or fail. The foundation of the home is what keeps the home safe and standing. Melted snow could weaken the foundation, and unfortunately, this is an issue that will only worsen as time passes.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure placed on the foundation, specially the basement, once the soil surrounding the home is saturated with water. As more water saturates the ground, greater amount of pressure placed on the foundation. Hydrostatic pressure can create a dreadful impact on any home’s foundation once massive amounts of snowmelt.


The best solution to protect your home from water damage and a troubled foundation is by waterproofing your basement or crawl space. The bottom area of any home is the gatekeeper for water into a home because this is the most accessible entrance for water leaks. By waterproofing your home this winter, you can prevent the damaging impacts of melted snow to your home.

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