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National Radon Action Month - January 2020

This January, Woods Basement Systems is raising awareness during National Radon Action Month. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has become the second leading cause of lung cancer; second only to cigarette smoke. You can't see radon. You can't smell it or taste it, but it may be a problem in your home.

Radon comes from decaying Uranium that is contained in the rock and soil beneath the basement (under the foundation). Being in constant contact with the ground, a home's basement or crawl space is the main entry point for Radon gas, and conditions inside your basement or crawl space can contribute to the radon level as well.

Radon moves up into your home via the stack effect, sending the unwanted air into your home. The stack effect is the natural movement of air in and out of your home, resulting from air buoyancy. During the winter, stack effect tends to be greater as the warm air within the house rises and escapes to the colder air outside.

You can test for radon gas in your home with an at-home, Radon testing kit. If the results show high levels, Woods Basement Systems can install a radon mitigation system to fix the problem.National Radon Action Month - January 2020 - Image 1National Radon Action Month - January 2020 - Image 2National Radon Action Month - January 2020 - Image 3Outside Fan and Appliance Cover

 Outside Fan and Appliance Cover

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