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Damaging Effects Summer Can Have on Your Crawl Space

Damaging Effects Summer Can Have on Your Crawl Space

Foundation vents around your home during the summer months can make your crawl space moisture problem much worse. Moist, high temperatures is the optimal combination that is needed for mold to develop. Not only can mold grow but when excess water is found in the crawl space bugs are also able to thrive. If your crawl space is not ready for this type of weather, this crawl space can turn into a muddy, moldy disaster!

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How Can I Prevent This?

At Woods Basement Systems we recommend sealing your crawl space with a CleanSpace Encapsulation System to keep your crawl space clean and protected year-round. CleanSpace can help reduce your energy costs, increase property value and have a positive environmental impact.

Insulation will maintain the temperature and keep your electricity bill down. SilverGlo is ideal for insulating basement and crawl space walls because of its excellent thermal properties and exceptional durability.

A dehumidifier can help keep the air in the crawl space fresh and clean. Our top recommended dehumidifier is out SaniDry dehumidifier. Unlike others on the market, this reliable system had unique features that will keep the crawl space air healthy year-round.

To keep your crawl space free out water leaks a sump pump system is essential. An UltraSump sump pump is designed specifically for a crawl space to collect and discard water leaks. This sump pump system also contains a battery-operated backup pump in case of a power outage or if the primary pump fails. A sump pump system will keep any crawl space safe and dry during the hot and humid summer months. 

If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on a crawl space encapsulation system give us a call at 1-866-627-6475 or visit us online!

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