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Sump Pumps... Which One Do I Choose for My Basement?

Water in your basement is never a good thing. It causes damage that becomes costly to repair. Most basic sump systems have many disadvantages. Most of them have a cutout in the lid for the discharge line that also lets water vapor escape back into the basement. Choosing a sump system that will not cause further problems is important to ensure that your basement stays dry, but how do you know which one to install and where?  

The most reliable way to keep your basement dry is to install the TripleSafe Sump Pump System for triple protection. This sump system assures protection from all three problems that can occur with an ordinary pump. This system has a virtual airtight lid to keep water vapor and moisture from evaporating back into the basement. It can also handle a heavy flow of water, thanks to a second pump that will help eliminate the water if the first pump can't keep up. This system can also include an UltraSump battery backup system, which turns on if the power goes out and effectively pumps out the water.  

The UltraSump System is powered by a special battery, which will run continuously for 55 hours. Additionally, by adding a secondary battery to this system, it can double the pumping time. It is rare that a sump pump will run and stay on a continuous cycle, but if it needs to, having a secondary battery gives double the protection if severe storms happen and there is a prolonged power outage. 

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