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Sump Pumps... Which One Do I Choose for My Crawl Space?

If the crawl space is having trouble with water, or moist humid air in the summer because of open vents, the most effective way of eliminating this water is to install the SmartSump™ Crawl Space Drainage System. This specialty sump system is designed just for crawl spaces and will still provide all the protection needed from leaks and floods. This system also includes an alarm that will ensure awareness of water in the crawl space from a plumbing leak.
The option of including the UltraSump Battery Backup is also available so the system will continue to run if the main power goes out. The UltraSump System is powered by a special battery, which will run continuously for 55 hours. Additionally, by adding a secondary battery to this system, it can double the pumping time. A sump pump will rarely run and stay on a continuous cycle, but if it needs to, having a secondary battery gives double the protection if severe weather happens with a prolonged power outage.

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