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Features to the TripleSafe Sump Pump Lid

Many kinds of sump pumps come with lids, but are they really effective? Most lids have a small U-shaped opening that allows water that enters the sump to evaporate into the basement air. Also, it can spread a musty smell into the basement. Having a lid that keeps this moisture and odor inside the sump pump is important in keeping your basement fully dry all the time and smelling clean. 

The TripleSafe Sump Pump features an airtight lid, that not only keeps moisture and odor from exiting it but prevents debris from falling into the sump as well. Debris such as toys or clothes can damage the pump motor or clog the discharge line to the point where water cannot get out of the basement. The lid has many features to it as well to ensure the health of the sump. 
One feature of the TripleSafe lid is the WaterWatch Alarm. This will sound like a smoke detector if the water rises above the operating range of the pumps. It will warn you if there is a problem before any damage occurs. This system also features an airtight, radon-approved, floor drain. This will come in handy in case of a plumbing leak, as it will allow water to enter it. It will also prevent damp air from escaping out of it and into the basement. Additionally, the lid has a yellow grommet ring that will hold the electrical lines in place. It will also block evaporation from exiting the sump. The lid also features several drain ports that can be punched out so a hose can be inserted to drain water into the sump. This is handy for HVAC or dehumidifier hoses. Lastly, there are usually two discharge lines that the pumped water will exit out of the house. 

These features of the TripleSafe lid will all play a role in ensuring your basement stays dry and clean for countless years to come!


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