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How to Transform Your Unfinished Basement

If you want to have a proper basement ceiling installed, our linen ceiling tiles are the best choice. They are bright and rich-looking and give an attractive and sophisticated look to the basement. It is primarily made of inorganic material to prevent sagging and mold growth. This design helps make the whole room look larger, brighter, and cleaner for a long time. However, If you choose to leave your basement ceiling unfinished, we can create a blackout design to enhance its appearance too.

Nothing is worse than damage to basement walls, especially if they are already finished. These can be further damaged by water and mold with sheetrock or drywall, so how do we prevent them from getting damaged again? The answer is our EverLAST™ Wall Restoration System. This can restore partial or entire basement walls. The finished wall material is supported by metal studs and can withstand being wet from a plumbing leak and will not need to be replaced. The trim of this system is all plastic and won't ever need to be painted. With the added protection of a perimeter drainage system such as our WaterGUARD™ System, it also won't be affected by any leaks, humidity, or mold growth.

No one likes cold and damp basement floors, especially in the wintertime. They are hard and uncomfortable and affect the quality of any basement. Our revolutionary ThermalDRY™ Elite Plank Flooring system can turn damp, cold, and hard concrete into a beautiful, dry, and comfortable floor. This system has pegs that will raise the flooring above the concrete and provide a thermal break. They will also prevent water vapor from seeping up into the basement and are mold resistant. This flooring system will increase the comfort and enjoyment of the basement!

Building codes often require a basement window that is large enough to climb out of in case of an emergency, and our Egress Window System will allow you to do just that. They will also increase the enjoyment of the basement by allowing more natural light to enter it. To further protect this window and increase its safety, The RockWell Window Well can be added to the Egress Window. This system has built-in steps that allow for an easy exit, and it features a well cover that will help control water and debris from entering the well.

All of these systems will protect your basement so you can further use and enjoy it for countless years to come and increase the value of your home.


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