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Foundation Settlement Signs and Solutions

Settlement is the movement your home experiences when the soil beneath it is unable to support its weight any longer. This is very common, and many homeowners think that it can't be fixed. Reading further, you will find out that it can. Foundation settlement happens when the soil around your home dries and shrinks, softens, or compresses over time due to natural causes like drought or heavy rainfall. Signs of settlement can include interior and exterior wall cracks or changes in the ways doors and windows operate. You may think that this can be repaired with a simple patch, but the truth is, nothing will change until the real underlying problem is addressed. 

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You may also notice that some of the floors in your home are sloping or sagging, or gaps appear where the walls and floors meet. These problems can be caused by issues in the crawlspace, such as the columns being spaced too far apart, weakening floor joists and girders, and settling of the existing columns. Trying temporary measures to fix this won't solve the overall problem, as they will just reappear and worsen over time. 

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The soil around your home can put lots of pressure on the foundation walls. The amount of pressure depends on the soil type and the amount of moisture in it. If there is nothing supporting the foundation walls from the inside, they can crack, bow, and tip, and if left untreated, it can get worse and jeopardize the safety of your home. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, as the right solution can be determined for your specific situation.

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There are several solutions that can repair a home's foundation, and knowing which to choose to fix the problem permanently is crucial. One option that works is steel push piers. These will permanently stabilize your home’s foundation, and in many cases, lift your home back towards its original position. These can also close cracks and improve the operation of windows and doors. This is the least risky solution when the soil conditions are unknown. There is minimal disturbance from installation; installing them is a quick process and will solve the problem once and for all. 

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Sagging floors in your home can be caused by structural issues in the crawlspace. Our solution that works is the SmartJack System. These are steel support systems that can permanently stabilize and level the floor joists and girders in a crawlspace. These add strength and stability to the existing columns and piers in the crawlspace. They are unaffected by moisture, as they will not rust, weaken, or be affected by mold. These will lift the floors above back toward their original position, reduce floor “bounce” caused by excessive joist spans, and solve the problem once and for all.

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Different problems can occur depending on what type of foundation walls are in your home. Whichever the case, these can all be resolved with our specialized solutions. One solution that guarantees results is the PowerBrace System. This system is designed to permanently stabilize a home’s foundation. It will support the basement walls and straighten them over time. It will distribute the load evenly and eliminate the worry of damage caused by commonly seen wood floor joists. This system can be tightened over time and doesn't require any invasive drilling or digging. PowerBrace’s brackets are engineered to provide strong support to the joints and protect the floor system's durability. 

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Another option that works is our GeoLock Wall Anchor System. These are galvanized steel earth anchors that are embedded into the soil out and away from the foundation wall. Once installed, these will hold the walls in their current position and can be tightened to allow for improvement and straightening of the wall over time. These can be installed around obstacles on the wall such as pipes, sinks, or furniture. This is the best solution to straighten the wall over time, as it can fix severe problems and stabilize the foundation for good.

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Identifying that you have foundation problems is the first step in getting them repaired. Once you have educated yourself on these various issues and how to solve them, the final step is to find the right company to help you get the problems fixed. Once these problems have been eliminated, your peace of mind will be restored knowing that your home is safe and protected. Restore your home’s value with Woods!














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