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Push Piers vs. Helical Piers... What's the Difference?

A settling foundation can not only damage your home but your quality of life as well. There are many ways to fix this, but knowing which solution to choose is crucial in improving these issues. We offer two options that work to restore your foundation, Push Piers and Helical Piers. While these will both stabilize your foundation permanently, there are differences between them that must be taken into consideration.

When the local soil conditions are unknown, Push Piers are the least risky solution to a settling foundation. These reach a much greater depth than helical piers, as they are driven at high pressures down to a stable soil level. However, these shouldn't be used on lighter structures, because the structure may not be heavy enough to drive the Push Piers far enough into the ground. 

With Helical Piers, a foundation can be stabilized regardless of its weight. The helix-shaped blade disturbs less soil and advances much deeper than less efficient helical piers. Our helix-shaped Helical Piers can be installed deep enough if a stiff soil layer is encountered near the surface.

Both of these options will permanently stabilize the foundation, can be installed quickly with minimal disturbance, and are installed below grade so they are out of sight. However, depending on the weight of your structure or the conditions of the soil, your choice of Pier may change to properly provide the best result for a failing foundation.


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