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Products That Work for Fixing Any Foundation

Problems that can occur with a poured concrete foundation wall include either horizontal or diagonal cracks and inward movement. A very good solution for these is the GeoLock Wall Anchor System. These will protect the walls from further movement. Heavy-duty anchors are embedded into stable soil away from the foundation, and then connected to basement wall plates inside with galvanized steel rods. Once tightened, the anchors will hold the wall securely in place and stop inward movement.
Issues can arise with a block wall foundation as well, such as stair step cracks between the blocks. Another good solution to permanently stabilize these types of walls is the PowerBrace System. Zinc-plated beams are custom fit to the height of the basement and tightly secured with brackets anchored to the floor and framing above. This unique design reverses wall failure and foundation issues and doesn't require any invasive drilling or digging on the property. 
Both of these systems are made of galvanized steel and can work together on the same wall, whether it's a block, brick, or poured foundation. They have written transferable warranties that last for the life of the structure. Monitoring and repairing your foundation sooner rather than later is important, in case future installation of invasive repair products disrupts outdoor landscaping, decks, or patios. The more that has to be repaired can cause additional costs, so repairing any foundation issues sooner will be well worth it!




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