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Sealing the Crawlspace from the Outside

The Stack Effect is a huge cause of energy inefficiency in homes. As air enters through the lowest level and rises, it will leave at the highest level of a home via exit points through the attic. Because of the Stack Effect, air leaving the home through the attic is being replaced at the very lowest level, such as a crawlspace. This means that allergens and possibly mold are always being drawn up into a home's living space. This can cause several problems, especially if crawlspace entrances aren't sealed properly, only adding to the problem. Having a proper crawlspace entrance can highly contribute to the health of your crawlspace and home by disconnecting the Stack Effect.
Most crawlspace access doors are made of plywood, and end up rotting due to the ground moisture. They fail to seal the crawlspace letting outside moisture in, and end up being eaten away by bugs. Replacing this with our EverLast™ Crawlspace Door will solve many of these issues. Made completely of inorganic material that is waterproof and resistant to mold growth. It looks much better than deteriorating wood doors, and it will never rot, rust, or need paint.  Made of a half-inch-thick treated solid plastic with a special foam seal, it's designed to seal off the crawlspace from the outside elements to protect your area from outside humidity and cold. 
If the entrance of the crawlspace is below grade, the Turtl™ is the best solution for an access well. Other wells rot and leak, and have no lid to keep water and debris out. The Turtl™ Crawlspace Access System combines a secure crawlspace door and an access well that will provide clean and convenient access to the crawlspace. Made from strong molded plastic, it will never rot, rust, corrode, or need paint. It is secure and lockable so it will add even more protection to your crawlspace. 
With these systems, sealing the old plywood entry with the EverLast™ Crawlspace Door and adding the Turtl™ Crawlspace Access System for easy entry will make the crawlspace efficient and secure. Included with the crawlspace encapsulation system, you are on your way to having a completely dry crawlspace that is energy efficient and a healthier and more comfortable home!


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