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Features of the SmartSump™ Crawlspace Sump Pump

Our SmartSump Sump Pump Liner is small enough to fit through the smallest access openings. Typically hidden in a closet or laundry room, these access openings are the width of a floor joist, so our liner is only 15 inches in diameter. Inside the crawlspace, our SmartSump System will pump out any groundwater seepage that enters it. Not only can it control groundwater problems beneath a crawlspace liner, but it also has other features to its airtight lid that ensure your crawlspace stays dry all the time. Having a covered sump pump liner will keep evaporation from coming out of the sump pump and causing moisture problems like open sump pump pits do.
One feature that our SmartSump has is a WaterWatch Alarm. This alarm rests on the top of the SmartSump lid to detect water from a plumbing leak. This simple warning can address a problem from a plumbing leak before it floods the crawlspace.
The SmartSump System also features a built-in floor drain. This will protect your crawlspace from sudden groundwater intrusion or a plumbing leak. The drain is also built into the lid and can reduce damage from a leak by draining water into the SmartSump and not letting evaporating moisture out.
Another useful system that can be included with the SmartSump is the UltraSump Battery Back-Up Pumping System. If water rises above the operating range of the primary pump due to a power failure, this system will sound an alarm similar to the WaterWatch alarm. An automatic switch will turn on the battery-operated pump, and up to 1,500 gallons of water can be pumped out hourly. This can provide homeowners extra protection and peace of mind if a heavy storm knocks the power out. 
The SmartSump System has additional features to help keep the crawlspace dry all the time. Some of these features are seen in the photo as the red airtight grommet around the 1 ½ inch PVC sump pump discharge line. These features can offer maximum protection for your crawlspace, leading to a dry crawlspace and a healthier home!



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