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2 Holiday Surprises That Make Homeowners Frown

A storm is coming.  Are you prepared?Fall and winter weather patterns mean rain and snow.  Sometimes severe weather and thunderstorms surprise us in the fall, like what meteorologists are predicting for the St. Louis area this weekend.  A fresh blanket of snowfall makes for a pretty view.  However, when rain and snow cause wet basements, nobody is smiling.

Leaking Foundation Cracks

Basement wall cracks are a symptom of foundation problems.  Cracks can be as thin as a hair or—in extreme cases—several inches.  These cracks can continue to get worse without anybody doing anything, but the problem will never go away by itself.  As foundation cracks develop, they can also leak as rain or melting snow trickle (or worse, rush) in.  Many a Thanksgiving dinner have had to be relocated or cancelled because the foundation repair contractors were hard at work.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump failure has ruined many families' Christmas.  Sump pumps are the heart of any waterproofing system.  Therefore, keeping pumps operational is critical to keeping your basement dry all the time.  Far too often, a basement waterproofing system consists of a single sump pump plugged into a wall outlet shared with another appliance.  The pump and, say, a freezer cycle on simultaneously and trip the circuit breaker...and the pump quits operating.  Maybe the pump is several years old and just stops functioning.  Perhaps the pump is brand new, but severe weather knocks out the power.  Any of these scenarios can lead to sump pump failure, but they don't have to.

The Basement & Foundation Specialists® at Woods Basement Systems are available even during the holiday season to inspect your basement or foundation problem for free.  Our award-winning team helps homeowners figure out exactly what the best options are for their particular scenario.  Contact us today to schedule your free inspection, and ensure everyone is smiling when the holidays are here!

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Dave Thompson
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Dave Thompson waterproofed his first basement at the age of 15 and the old scrape and black tar method worked on his Grandfather's home for 6 years. For the last 14 years he has been actively involved with doing it better, keeping basements dry all the time, repairing foundations and dirt crawl spaces too, with Woods Basement Systems.

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