How to Bring Your Favorite Upstairs Room Downstairs

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Some people don’t mind spending time in an unfinished basement, but if that isn’t your style there are a few options to consider to make your basement a bit more comfy.  Based on your preference, there are four wall systems you can go with.  There is ZenWall, BrightWall, ThermalDry or CleanSpace.

ZenWall Paneling System is one of the simplest ways to create a dry, clean, and finished look in your basement.  It also stops water vapor from coming through the wall into the basement air.  ZenWall uses foil on the back as a vapor barrier because it gives the added benefit of a radiant barrier.  This can be coupled with a basement waterproofing system to direct wall leakage to that system or just to make your walls look great.

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BrightWall is a 4’x8’ sheet of plastic paneling that provides a clean, bright, semi-finished look to your basement walls.  These are 100% waterproof and will never rot, warp, or discolor.  Any water that passes through them will run behind the panel to the waterproofing system below.  BrightWall is the most durable system Woods Basement Systems has.

If you aren’t interested in the paneling systems, you could install a ThermalDry or a CleanSpace Wall System.  ThermalDry is the preferred option if you plan to finish your basement in the future.  Not only  does it prevent water vapor from seeping through the foundation into the basement, it also reflects up to 97% of indoor heat that would otherwise be absorbed by concrete walls.  This saves you energy and money.  CleanSpace is a 20-mil thick reinforced material that is an economical way to cover ugly walls, drain wall leaks, and stop water vapor.  Its white color reflects light to brighten up your basement.

Once the walls are completed, consider the floors and the ceiling.  ThermalDry interlocking floor tiles add beauty and comfort to your floors.  These sturdy and washable tiles, made of waterproof carpet or vinyl, rest above a small airspace that circulates vapor until it is dry and raise the tile's temperature above that of the cold concrete. 

To complete the warm feel you want your basement to have, you must finish off the ceiling. Dropped ceilings are practical; stylish; allow access to plumbing, electrical wires, and ducts in the ceiling; and are growing in popularity.  Woods Basement Systems ceiling tiles are made from inorganic mineral wool and have a 30-year warranty against sagging or mold growth.  There are Linen and Prestige Ceiling Tiles you can get put in place.  Linen tiles are the brightest, richest looking tiles.  Their attractive look makes any room seem larger, cleaner, and better-lit.  Prestige tiles are the most popular.  These tiles are bright and textured to mask marks and dings that may occur.

By installing all or a few of these products, you will be on your way to transferring your favorite upstairs room downstairs.  Also, further protect your basement with our different waterproofing systems.

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