How a TripleSafe Keeps Your Basement Dry

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


The TripleSafe sump pump is a three-pump system that offers triple the amount of protection for your basement.  The first pump is a 1/3 horsepower Zoeller M-53 cast iron primary pump with a mechanical float switch.  This is the pump that does most of the work the majority of the time.  It is quiet, efficient, and extremely reliable.

The second pump is a ½ horsepower Zoeller M-98 back-up pump.  This pump takes over if the first pump fails or can’t keep up with the amount of incoming water.  Both the first and second pumps are installed with separate discharge pipes, so over twice as much water is discharged when both pumps are running.

The third pump is an UltraSump battery operated back-up pump.  If power is lost, this pump automatically kicks on when the water rises up to the range of the pump, keeping your basement dry no matter what.

There are several other important features that make the TripleSafe incredibly reliable.  The pumps sit on pump stands in order to keep them out of any silt and sediment that may cause it to clog.  It also has an airtight lid, which keeps the pool of water sitting in the sump from evaporating into the basement air.  It also prevents debris from falling into the sump hole.  The WaterWatch alarm system is a helpful feature because it sounds off if the water rises above all pump operating ranges, warning the homeowner before any damage may occur.

The TripleSafe is the best pump protection available and reduces the chances of flooding down to a statistically insignificant number.


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