Get Rid of Condensation with the SaniDry XP

Monday, August 4th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis

Whenever the outside air is warmer than the inside air, there is likely to be a condensation problem in the crawl space or basement.  This is because the relative humidity of air goes up 2.2% for each one degree that the air is cooled.  The air in basements and crawl spaces is always cooler because they are below ground, so naturally there is more humidity.  If it’s an 80-degree day and the air sucked into the basement is cooled to 68 degrees, the relative humidity goes up by 26.4%.  This results in condensation because the air becomes saturated and gives up its moisture onto the cold basement walls, floors, and pipes.

SaniDry XP

Condensation may result in mold, causing the entire home to smell.  In order to eliminate the condensation, the water must be taken out of the air.  The SaniDry XP is the perfect solution to this problem.  The SaniDry XP is a highly efficient dehumidification and air filtration system.  It can take up to 100 pints of water per day out of the basement air, while using the same amount of energy as a “40 pint” dehumidifier.  It also filters particles out of the air to less than two microns in size.

The SaniDry XP dries the air and has a powerful blower that moves the dry air out and into the basement area.  Dry air results in dry building materials and contents, which makes the damp feeling and smell disappear.  The SaniDry XP can also be connected to any WaterGuard or drainage system, meaning the bucket never needs to be emptied. 

Household dehumidifiers cannot even compare to the SaniDry XP.  They are too small to get the job done and typically do not drain automatically, so the bucket constantly has to be emptied.  The SaniDry XP is the best way to prevent condensation in your basement.


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