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Unstable and Leaking Foundation Repaired in Herrin, IL

A foundation was becoming unstable and causing concern in a Herrin, IL, basement, as it was cracking and leaking water. To solve this issue, GeoLock Wall Anchors were first installed. These are galvanized steel earth anchors embedded into the soil out and away from the foundation wall. Once installed, these will hold the walls in their current position and can be tightened to allow for improvement and straightening of the wall over time. Next, the CleanSpace Basement Wall System was installed. This will prevent water vapor from permeating the basement walls. The white color will also brighten the basement, reflecting the light. Any wall leaks will also be drained down to the WaterGuard System. These drainage pipes intercept water at the perimeter of the basement and drain it toward the sump pump system. This system has a design that will drain any wall seepage without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter and clog the pipes. Thanks to these systems, this basement will always remain stable and dry!


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