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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Stabilizing and Waterproofing a Basement in Mason, IL

Basement walls were failing in Mason, IL, and water was actively entering it, causing more problems. To solve these issues, the PowerBrace System was first installed. This system is designed to stabilize a home’s foundation permanently. It will support the basement walls and straighten them over time. It will distribute the load evenly and eliminate the worry of damage caused by commonly seen wood floor joists. This system can be tightened over time and requires no invasive drilling or digging. PowerBrace’s brackets are engineered to support the joints and protect the floor system's durability. 

Next, the CleanSpace Basement Wall System was installed. This will prevent water vapor from permeating the basement walls, and drain any leaks to the WaterGuard System. This perimeter drainage system will catch wall seepage and drain it toward the TripleSafe Sump Pump System, draining water from WaterGuard and below the basement and discharging it from the house. This system also includes an UltraSump battery backup system, which turns on if the power goes out, and effectively pumps out the water. Thanks to these systems, this basement will remain stable and dry for many years to come!


Unstable and Leaking Foundation Repaired in Herrin, IL

A foundation was becoming unstable and causing concern in a Herrin, IL, basement, as it was cracking and leaking water. To solve this issue, GeoLock Wall Anchors were first installed. These are galvanized steel earth anchors embedded into the soil out and away from the foundation wall. Once installed, these will hold the walls in their current position and can be tightened to allow for improvement and straightening of the wall over time. Next, the CleanSpace Basement Wall System was installed. This will prevent water vapor from permeating the basement walls. The white color will also brighten the basement, reflecting the light. Any wall leaks will also be drained down to the WaterGuard System. These drainage pipes intercept water at the perimeter of the basement and drain it toward the sump pump system. This system has a design that will drain any wall seepage without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter and clog the pipes. Thanks to these systems, this basement will always remain stable and dry!


Leaking Sump Pump Replaced in Maryland Heights, MO

A sump pump was leaking in Maryland Heights, MO, and the water was pooling onto the floor. To solve this issue, the TripleSafe Sump Pump System was installed. This system assures protection from common problems with an ordinary pump. The TripleSafe can handle a heavy flow of water, thanks to a secondary pump included inside that will help eliminate the water if the first pump is unable to keep up with the amount of water that is entering it. It also features a removable airtight lid which reduces noise, prevents objects from falling in, and keeps moisture, insects, and odor from coming out of the sump. This system also includes an UltraSump battery backup system which turns on if the power goes out and effectively pumps out the water. This basement will now remain clean and stay dry for years to come!

Installing Basement French Drains In Wildwood, MO

A basement in Wildwood, Missouri, had more water seepage than the previously placed sump pump could handle. Woods came out and installed new french drains to help alleviate the water issues. The WaterGuard system collects water and directs it to the sump pump nearby. Plastic pipes are laid directly underneath the floor and sit on top of the soil to prevent clogging from dirt or other debris. With this install in place, this basement is sure to stay dry for years to come.

Waterguard Installation in Ridge Farm, IL

David G. of Ridge Farm, Illinois discovered that his home's basement was holding water after heavy rain showers. He did not want to have to continuously pump out the water, so he called Woods Basement Systems for assistance.

Design specialist Gregory B. assessed the situation and decided that the best option was to install a TripleSafe sump pump and a Waterguard drainage system. Foreman Mason S. then headed to the home to get the job started. 

The Waterguard drainage system, pictured above, was placed above the footing of the basement. It collects any water coming up from the ground before it reaches the basement surface. It then drains the water to the sump pump.

David G. no longer has to worry about water entering his home's basement. He now has a dry and waterproof home.

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