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Testimonials for Woods Basement Systems, Inc.

Other than the noise of them working, you wouldn't have known they were here. They took care of laying down plastic and keeping things cleaned up as they were going. I can't say enough good things about Woods.
Bob &. of Okawville, IL
Outstanding job! Great work, and we really appreciate it. We would recommend Woods to anybody.
Jeff of Trenton, IL
Wednesday, June 14th
It's Monday morning after [Woods Basement Systems] finished the job, and we can already notice a difference in how clean the air smells in the entire building.
Collinsville C. of Collinsville, IL
Wednesday, June 21st
If you ever consider basement waterproofing systems in your house, there's no one better than Woods Basement Systems. Money well spent, value of your home, safety of your family, and a finished product that compares second to none!
Lee of Collinsville, IL
I would scare off potential buyers if I had to disclose that I had a leaky basement. For approximately $4,000 I know I saved myself money in the long run. I wish I would have done it sooner, actually.
Patty of Collinsville, IL
Whenever there's a hard rain, we don't have to worry about coming down and mopping up the floor. It really gives us added living space to our house, which we thoroughly enjoy!
Lester &. of Belleville, IL
We had leakage on the west side of our building. Called Woods. Came out in one day...
Affton L. of St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, June 20th
If you have a weak, leaky basement...have Woods fix it!
Overhead D. of St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, June 14th
We had called another company and decided we just wanted a system across the back of the house, because we felt like that was sufficient…and found out it wasn't.  Not only was the water coming through the back wall, but it started coming in the side wall…and eventually around the front wall.  Everywhere the system wasn't is where the water decided to come in anyway, and we were extremely frustrated.About 3 o'clock in the morning, I put my wet vac down and said, "That's it…we're calling Woods!"  Mr. Woods came out himself, took a look at it and said, "I'm going to fix this," and he did.  That's when we got the entire system replaced, took the other people's system out quite frankly, and then finished it off with a complete Woods basement system all the way around our basement.We went without a finished basement for almost two years.  But after a couple years, and plenty of driving hard, long, two-day rains, to prove the system really was going to work…then we did a nice job on our basement, and we've been very happy with all of that. It has worked absolutely perfectly ever since September 2002, and here we are with a dry basement every day.  No water!
Lamaar and Monica of St. Louis, MO
This couple came to our booth at a recent home show just to let us know how happy they were with our services and their dry basement after Woods Basement Systems fixed a wall crack that was allowing a lot of water into the basement. "We're completely happy with all the work, and they were fantastic"
Customers of St. Louis, MO
We can confidently say 'There was a problem, we've corrected it, it's warrantied for as long as the house is here...we hope you enjoy it as much as we did." *Note: Original Testimonial was years ago. Ask about our competitive advantage with our depth clause.  
Michael B. of St. Louis, MO
Thursday, May 23rd
Dan A.'s home in Concord, MO had a leaky, flooding basement. Over the years they tried every temporary solution out there, to no avail. They would work for a while then the problems would come back. After several flooding episodes, Dan and his wife decided to finally have the problem taken care of the right way and called Woods Basement Systems. They got the job done in one day, and three days later a heavy storm put the system to the test with 7 inches of rain. He was very pleased with the results. "There was no water! It was just a relief! Probably one of the first nights in many years that I was able to sleep well!", says Dan.
Dan A. of Concord, MO
Tuesday, April 24th
I cannot tell you how much peace of mind I have when it's raining outside. My basement is still dry two years later!
Dennis C. of South City, MO
Wednesday, June 21st
At Woods Basement Systems, we know that for every basement waterproofing, craw space or foundation repair system we install, we are actually creating a lifelong relationship with out customers. That these homeowners chose to trust us with their homes, and we are committed to honoring that trust not only during installation but also during service and maintenance visits for years to come. Teresa J. from Kirkwood, CO is one of the many homeowners we've been servicing for years, and in this video she describes the experience of being a long time Woods Basement Systems customer.
Teresa J. of Kirkwood, MO
Wednesday, March 8th
From start to finish, I am a 100% happy customer! I will be calling them for any future needs or for my next home and will refer them to all my family and friends. 
Simmonia S. of Belleville, IL
Wednesday, April 5th
I was very impressed by the salesman. He knew exactly what he was talking about, he was attentive, and he knew what would solve my problems. He did an excellent job explaining everything to me.
Richard F. of Florissant, MO
Friday, August 19th
From speaking to Briannah in the Appointment Center to meeting with Nolan, my specialist, I have had an amazing experience with Woods. And now, after having Greg Harvie out to my home to install my project, I know that I picked the right company to fix my basement. There was not a single bump along the way and I have no worries about my home anymore. Woods has no competition when it comes to quality and service. 
Kristin H. of Ellisville, MO
Thursday, December 20th
The service men were some of the nicest I've ever met! My home is a lot more healthy now that we have our appliances. I'm so glad I chose Woods!
Janet A. of Bismarck, IL
Monday, December 10th
The service you offer is excellent and Scott was very professional. 
Janet A. of Bismarck, IL
Tuesday, January 13th
Garth was very efficient and friendly. 
Susie & David S of Ridge Farm, IL
Monday, September 22nd
The customer service I received was great! I rate Woods Basement System tech, Kendall, a 10 star!
Edith M. of Lawrenceville, IL
I'm 100% satisfied with the work that's been completed on my basement! We can now enjoy our family room downstairs, and I've had great expereineces with my service techs!
Martin & Edith M. of Lawrenceville, IL
Thursday, October 16th
Woods Basement Systems came to my home to install waterproofing. The crew was polite and punctual. Thank you very much for responding to my calls and for sending a crew out.
Raymond Z. of Tilton, IL
Woods Basement Systems gave the best basement checkup I've ever had. I was pleased with the explanation of the problem by the salesmand and his solution. The crew showed up on time and performed the work exactly as expected.
Virginia B. of Flat Rock, IL
Garth is an excellent technician!  I moved into a house that had the triple safe system, and have been impressed with how dry my basement is!!!
Danielle of Hutsonville, IL
Friday, January 17th
Your workers work continuously with very few breaks. Very hard workers and they cleaned up everything as they went through the day. Very pleased!
Mildred of Danville, IL
Wednesday, June 14th
I am so pleased that our system is working well. Thank you
Phyllis B. of Danville, IL
Tuesday, January 29th
I always have peace of mind when your company comes to service my pumps. 
Jack M. of Danville, IL
Thursday, June 27th
The assurance that our crawl space is in good shape is the BEST BENEFIT of having Woods Basement Systems do the work.  Garth was very nice and informative! 
Gary of Danville , IL
Tuesday, December 10th
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