Concrete Lifting and Leveling Photo Album: PolyLevel™ Around a Pool

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Homeowner Jim D. was experiencing concrete settling around his in-ground pool. The concrete slabs that surrounded the pool had begun to settle and sink around the pool, causing them to pull away from the edge of the pool and creating unsightly and unsafe cracks around the lip of the pool. 


When constructing the pool, the dirt around the area had to be removed. It was replaced after the pool was installed in a process called backfilling. Backfilled soil is often loosely compacted, meaning that over time it will settle as it gets compacted by the weight of the concrete above it. This causes the concrete to sink with the settling soil, which is what made these cracks appear. 


To fix this problem, the concrete was leveled with a highly durable material called PolyLevel™. PolyLevel™ is foam that gets injected beneath the sinking concrete through tiny holes drilled through the surface. Enough foam is injected to raise the concrete back to its original, level position. Then the foam hardens into a dense and solid pour that is strong enough to permanently raise and support the concrete and any weight on top of the concrete. Because PolyLevel™ is so lightweight, it won't add to the compression of the soil beneath it, making it the perfect solution to deal with settling concrete. 


Once PolyLevel™ is injected, Jim D. will only have to wait a few moments for it to solidify before he can use his pool deck again. Thanks to its strong and lightweight material, PolyLevel™ will be the permanent solution to the settling concrete around this pool.

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