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CleanSpace Installation in Fairview Heights, IL

Bryan N. of Fairview Heights, Illinois was shocked when he discovered his home's crawl space was collecting water. He knew that standing water could cause problems such as rotting or mold growth, so he called Woods Basement Systems for help.

Design specialist Thomas W. assessed the situation and decided that the best option was to install a CleanSpace encapsulation system and a SaniDry CX dehumidifier. Foreman Joshua B. then headed to the home to start the job. The CleanSpace encapsulation system, pictured above, is a durable liner is placed on the floor and up the walls of the crawl space. It acts as a vapor barrier and drains any leaks that occur behind it. 

Bryan N. no longer has to worry about water entering his home's crawl space. He now has a waterproof and dry crawl space.

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