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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Support in Westville, IL

A crawlspace in Westville, IL needed some structural support. The current support blocks were failing, causing cracks and separation of the beams. To solve this issue, Woods installed the SmartJack System. These will stabilize crawl space beams and floor joists. These will also lift the floors above the crawl space back toward their original elevation and reduce floor bounce caused by weakened floor joists or excessive spans. This crawlspace will remain stable and supported for years to come!

Tilton, Illinois Crawlspace Encapsulated with Cleanspace

Ralph M. of Tilton, Illinois was troubled by his wet, musty crawlspace. The mold in his crawlspace was an allergen. To make his home healthy again, system design specialist Nolan M, designed a solution.

Foreman James L. installed the CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation system. CleanSpace prevents water from entering the crawlspace. Because it is inorganic, it does not support mold growth. Ralph is happy to have a healthy home free of mold.

Dirty Job In Danville, IL Crawl Space

BEFORE: The drain tile system in this Danville, Illinois crawlspace was completely clogged and buried, eventually causing mold and water issues for the homeowners.

AFTER: Woods Basement Systems installed the SmartPipe waterproofing system and CleanSpace vapor barrier to capture the water resulting in a crawlspace free of dirt, moisture, mold and unpleasant, unhealthy air.

CleanSpace Makes Crawl Space Usable in Danville, IL

James M. of Danville, IL had a crawl space that flooded each time it rained. Even though he’d put a liner in the crawl space, it was flimsy and not secured and did nothing to stop water from getting into the crawl space. Standing water in the crawl space was attracting pests and causing rot in the floor joists above so he called Woods Basement Systems. Woods recommended installing a crawl space encapsulation system.

Over the walls and floors of the crawl space, Woods installed CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a thick, durable plastic moisture barrier that prevents water from entering the crawl space, instead directing it down to the perimeter drainage system. It’s mold resistant and deters pets while giving the crawlspace a brighter and cleaner appearance.

CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation in Danville, Illinois

James M. of Danville, Illinois was troubled by his wet, moldy crawlspace. The mold was a health hazard. System Design Specialist Kevin E. designed a solution to keep the crawlspace dry and free of mold.

Foreman Josh B. and his team installed the CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation system. CleanSpace is an inorganic vapor barrier that keeps the crawlspace dry. Because it is inorganic, it does not support mold growth.

James is pleased that he will no longer have to worry about mold or water beneath his home.

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