Foundation Repair Case Studies: Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor Installation in Valley Park, MO

Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Jordan Link


P.P. of Valley Park, Missouri, had a basement with bowing walls. Cracks formed along the middle of the wall, giving prominence to the bowing wall. She called Woods Basement Systems, where Systems Design Specialist Jeremy Kocinski came out to work with P.P. to design a solution based on her needs. She needed a solution that would prevent the wall from bowing any further, and also straighten the wall to its vertical position.


The best solution for P.P. was to install Geo-Lock™ wall anchors, which would do exactly what she needed. These anchors would prevent the wall from bowing, and provide the capability to straighten the wall.

Foreman Bradly Perry and his team came out to install the wall anchors. The team first removed the sod in the areas of the yard needing the anchors. They dug holes where the anchors would be placed. In the basement, the team drilled small holes in the wall, which then had metal rods inserted, reaching the holes that were dug out in the yard. The anchors were bolted to the rods in the ground. Back in the basement, the team bolted metal plates on the wall to secure the rods. Tholes outside were filled in with dirt, and topped with the removed sod, for a seamless look.

The bolts on the metal plates were then tightened to begin the straightening process. After a few visits, the wall would be returned to the vertical position.

Now, P.P. can rest easy, knowing the basement wall will not bow any further, and that her wall would soon be straight again. 

Project Summary

Systems Design Specialist: Jeremy Kocinski

Primary Foreman: Bradly Perry

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