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Dirt crawlspaces can be highways for moisture and mold to enter a home where they can cause damage and reduce the home's energy efficiency.


That's why Woods Basement Systems recommends incapsulating crawlspaces with CleanSpace™. CleanSpace™ is a waterproof liner similar to a pool liner that is used to block moisture and water vapor from entering the crawlspace. CleanSpace™ is also mold-resistant and tear-proof, so it can block out mold and pests that would otherwise enter the crawlspace.


To totally protect the area, CleanSpace™ is installed across the floor and up the walls. This will not only seal away the dirt floor, but also any leaks that come through the crawlspace walls.


Once the crawlspace is encapsulated and protected from moisture, the area can also be properly insulated - helping the home become more energy efficient. With CleanSpace™ homeowners won't need to worry about moisture damaging their homes and increasing their power bills anymore.

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