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Job review from in Viburnum, MO 65566 on 06/06/14

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4.8  out of 5

In our case there was a major amount of work required of us to move all our shelving and large items from the walls. Moving everything back about 5 feet. The cost of the work was also more than what we thought it would be. Need to provide the homeowner with some ideas of possible cost up front. We have not had a really big rain blowing from the south to completely check the effectiveness of the work. And as a result have not moved shelves and other items back against the walls. Some of the work will require maintenance and if things are put back against the wall will have to be moved away annually for routine maintenance.

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Emphasis was on walls rather than the leaks/cracks that were causing us problems and what I called about. While a possible problem we didn't recognize it added a great amount of cost to the project even though it had nothing to do with leaks that we had primarily on two cracks and only when we got extremely heavy rain blowing from the south.

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They were hard workers and worked well together.

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Advertising: I found on the internet and it appears that Woods was the closest company, although some distance away that offered specialized repair work for our situation.

Also their offer for a free estimate.

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