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Learn more about Woods Basement Systems' recent work requests in Decatur, IL
Vicinity of Lakeview in Decatur
My basement wall is bowing in
Vicinity of Point Bluff Dr in Decatur
Window well filling with water? I moved into my house 5 years ago and have not had this problem before now! The owner before me had your company water proof the basement and you did a great job! I have three window wells only one of them fills with water? I have lived here 5 years and never had this problem before now? Can you help me solve this problem?
Vicinity of Plover Drive in Decatur
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Thrush Ave in Decatur
Water seeping into one corner of my lower area.
Vicinity of Dellwood Dr in Decatur
Basement leaks around perimeter with heavy rain fall
Vicinity of N Lynette Drive in Decatur
Hello! I am writing in regards to my basement wall. It is constructed with concrete cinder blocks.. one of the walls is bowing in about 3-4" and other walls are slightly bowed, as well. I also get water leaking into areas of the basement after rainfall. I am hoping to get someone out here to take a look, give suggestions, and give an estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of Colorado Drive in Decatur
Looking to get an estimate on a crack in our foundation in our basement.
Vicinity of Millikin Pl in Decatur
1910 historic home. Two places on basement walls leak during heavy rains. One place just seeps a bit but the other causes a small river through the basement to the dump pump area. I believe that the walls are poured concrete.
Vicinity of Heritage Dr in Decatur
Exterior water intrusion has increased making basement unsafe to use as storage or living space
Vicinity of Cove Ct in Decatur
Crawl issues
Vicinity of E Moore Sr in Decatur
Our basement gets wet and it's getting worse over time,
Vicinity of Forest Parkway in Decatur
About 350 sqft needs jacking. Sloping off from ground hog on corner of shop.
Vicinity of S. Twin Bridge in Decatur
Moisture/water in crawl space.
Vicinity of White Pine Circle in Decatur
Foundation crack
Vicinity of South Forrest Lane in Decatur
Water seeping into finished basement on one side of house between wall and fountain
Vicinity of Hawthorne Dr in Decatur
Additional information: How did you hear about us?: TV Preferred Appointment Date: 02/05/2019 Preferred Appointment Time: 1pm-4pm
Vicinity of N. Oakdale Blvd. in Decatur
We have lived in our home for a year and when we bought it, it had elevated radon levels. A radon mitigation system has been installed. I would like the system serviced. Additionally, we have a ton of concrete dusting on the basement floor and walls. I was wondering if you had a sealant that could be applied to the walls and flooring. We are wanting to redo the paneling and add more paneling to make the space more livable. Thanks
Vicinity of Redlich Dr in Decatur
Egress window installation and basement finishing (about 665 sqft to include, two bedrooms, a rec room, and a 3/4 bathroom).
Vicinity of S Jefferson Dr in Decatur
The lower level of our bilevel home has acquired water multiple times. We need a solution that will prevent it from happening again.
Vicinity of W Riverview in Decatur
My basement wall is bowing in and water has been leaking through.
Vicinity of West Ash Ave in Decatur
I have water that comes in during heavy rain in the basement. I am requesting bids to have the basement waterproofed. This something we will have done within the next 3-4weeks
Vicinity of W Forest Ave in Decatur
Urgent!! Sump pump failed. Standing water. Need service ASAP! Please!
Vicinity of W Waggoner in Decatur
Water in basement
Vicinity of Jacobs Way in Decatur
Would like an estimate on craw space vapor barrier and dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Kathy Ct. in Decatur
Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Previous Customer Preferred Appointment Date: 06/02/2018 Preferred Appointment Time: 7am-10am
Vicinity of Kathy Ct. in Decatur
Vicinity of W Forest Ave in Decatur
Need estimate on basement floor. Cracking and breaking.
Vicinity of E. Main St, N/A in Decatur
When it rains. My basement gets really wet.
Vicinity of W Harper Ave in Decatur
Im buying a house and need the crawl space looked at. Wondering if anyone on Saturday 4/14 could come look at it
Vicinity of S. Hillcrest Blvd in Decatur
Sagging support in crawlspace causing uneven, squeaky floors and cracks above doors and upstairs wall separating from ceiling. Need a cost effective permanent solution.
Vicinity of E Carroll Drive in Decatur
We have some buckling in the South wall of our the basement and would like some ideas and a quote on repair please.
Vicinity of West Highland Ct. in Decatur
Basement wall bowed in Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet/Web Preferred Appointment Date: Select Date Preferred Appointment Time: 10am-1pm
Vicinity of Kathy Ct. in Decatur
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: basement finishing. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Louise Ct in Decatur
Basement leaks during medium to heavy rain.
Vicinity of Baker Dr in Decatur
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of E Division St in Decatur
Have a leak coming through foundation of house within crawlspace. Would like to see if I can get a free estimate.
Vicinity of S. Hillcrest Blvd in Decatur
Have baseboards pulling away in dining room above crawlspace and want foundation inspected
Vicinity of S Westlawn Ave in Decatur
We live on the west end of Decatur. Our house was built in 1939. We have lived in the house for 2 years. In that time, we have noticed two different cracks through the center of the ceiling. One on the middle level, and one on the top floor. We are concerned that these cracks may be result of foundation problems. We would like someone to take a look and let us know.
Vicinity of Redlich Dr. in Decatur
We would like to finish our basement, so we'd like an estimate on waterproofing first. Thank you.
Vicinity of East Roosevelt Ave in Decatur
I have a room addition that was built on a hill, one level, (about 15 years ago), and is starting to move, i need recommendations
Vicinity of Greenridge Dr in Decatur
I have had a leaking basement that has gotten worse over time since I moved in. After this last time of my basement getting wet I removed the wood paneling to find cracks and a very good size crack/broken concrete blocks.
Vicinity of West Riverview in Decatur
Would like to discuss my basement situation with soneone and get an estimate on whatever needs to be done.
Vicinity of E William Street Rd in Decatur
Hoping to have my sump pump pit possibly rehabbed but primarily want to try to have my sump pump drainage line buried to prevent freezing as has happened in past years.
Vicinity of W Hillrd in Decatur
Just purchased a home in Harristown,Il. The crawl space is very damp and even has standing water at times. There is a sump pump installed that in functioning. The builder did not install any type of plastic or rock of any type. The crawl space is dirt only. The house smells very musty. I have little to no experience in this area. I would like to receive a quote from your company. thanks Chad hardy
Vicinity of N Camp Street in Decatur
Front foundation wall may need shored up.
Vicinity of W. Macon St. in Decatur
Emailing for my landlord , Ron Seitz... Basement wall cracked , Buckling in middle, Leaking , first floor bathroom "Soil-Pipe" goes through Same Wall & is Leaking Into basement., back door effected - you can See Daylight through Top & Sides when Closed - -
Vicinity of Illini Dr in Decatur
Full basement with block walls. Foundation has cracked and have has some water intrusion. need evaluation of damage and estimate to repair foundation and waterproof basement.
Vicinity of Quail Drive in Decatur
Concrete Block Walls are leaning out at the top, three bricks down on three sides.
Vicinity of Southwind Ln. in Decatur
Cracks wall bowing
Vicinity of Fields Court in Decatur
We have a concrete patio under a wood deck. The patio's concrete has pull away from the house. In addition, the wood stairway from the wood deck is no longer level. I would like you to look at these two problems and give us your advice.
Vicinity of Louise Ct in Decatur
During moderate to heavy rain we get water in our basement. Its fully finished with carpet, drywall, and trim which is now showing some damage as it has flooded twice since my wife and I have owned the house (just over a year). It also does not have a sump pump so when it does flood we have to remove the water by hand via multiple shop vacs. We need to find out what our options are to fix the issue.
Vicinity of Green Meadow in Decatur
When it poured down rain last week, the carpet in our basement got soaked--the water must have leaked from somewhere in the foundation walls. This has happened once before, about 7 years ago. Before I put the carpet back down, I'd love to have somebody come out and do what needs to be done to keep it from happening again. Could you give us a quote on what it would take? Thanks!
Vicinity of Grays Lane in Decatur
I am dealing with repairs to my father's home (he is in a nursing home, and I am trustee and POA of his trust, including the house) with the goal of selling the house. I had a home inspection done to provide me with recommendations for preparing it for sale. One of the items recommended was dealing with the crawlspace. It is cluttered, dirty, probably needs sealing. I don't think it has had water issues, but I'm not sure. I need evaluation of what needs to be done and perhaps options -- what are the basics that should be done for selling purposes? Thank you.
Vicinity of Wisconsin Drive in Decatur
I have a retaining wall that is leaning over needs to be put back in place
Vicinity of Roblee Lane in Decatur
Had my house reinsulated and sealed up thru an Ameren program and now moisture is high in home with crawl space sealed. Not sure if need encapsulated, new moisture barrier with sump or humidity vantage vans installed. Concern of potential moisture damage and create environment for termites
Vicinity of E. Prairie St in Decatur
Need estimate on foundation repairs.
Vicinity of N. Christine Dr. in Decatur
We get water coming up and soaking our carpet in the MIDDLE of our basement rec room when it rains really hard (aprox. 1-2 times a year). We aren't sure what it could be (foundation issue?)
Vicinity of in Decatur
Mold and moisture in dirt crawl space
Vicinity of Lake Bluff Dr. in Decatur
We have bowing walls and cracks in the block foundation
Vicinity of Ridgeway Dr in Decatur
Foundation issues
Vicinity of E. Beacon Dr in Decatur
I would like to obtain a quote for insulating and installing a vapor barrier for my dirt crawl space
Vicinity of in Decatur
Even after having the best insulation installed in my crawl space, when the temperatures are below 20 degrees, my floor are almost intolerably cold. I wonder if encapsulation would help. I've lived here for 29yrs and it seems to get worse every cold spell.
Vicinity of N Dove Dr in Decatur
This is a duplex that I am interested in purchasing however before I make an offer I would like to find out about this crack in the back of this brick building. Can it be fixed and will it stop the problem that caused it? The house is on west Macon street in Decatur. The crack is clearly seen from the outside of the house but we can get access to the basement if necessary to properly inspect.
Vicinity of E Willard Ave in Decatur
I have five basement windows I would like to have replaced. They sit right above the ground, and I would like an estimate as to how much that would cost. Please email me if you can because i am curentley at work, but I do take lunch between 12 and 1.
Vicinity of W Garfield Ave in Decatur
Vicinity of Gary Court in Decatur
My parents have water leaking in the dining room and we think there is a crack in the foundation on that side.
Vicinity of W Forest Ave in Decatur
Cracked poured concrete foundation with no leak gutter or anything. There is a sump pump with drains but they are ill placed. Would like quote to get basement dry.
Vicinity of N Oakdale Ave in Decatur
I have a 5 foot basement with 2 walls about 6 foot long each breaking I need repaired. The walls are a corner connected to each other
Vicinity of E Kenwood Ave in Decatur
I Have a horizontal crack 32ft long and the wall is bowing in. I have had 2 people look at the wall. I do need to repair this wall, but need written estimates to get a loan to fix. I have seen the wall anchors, but was looking at your site and seen something different, the geo-anchors that go to the floor of the basement. The other people thought I should go w/carbon fiber, but that's like a band-aide to me. I thought about I beams but do not want to put pressure on the basement floor or my floors upstairs. I would like a free estimate and good advice on what to use and do.
Vicinity of Redlich Dr in Decatur
Hi, We are considering finishing out basement but we first want to look into sealing some cracks that exist in the walls. We would like an estimate on sealing the cracks / preventing current leaks as well as finishing the basement. Thanks, Ryan
Vicinity of Baker Woods Ln in Decatur
Wet finished basement when we get large amounts of rain.
Vicinity of Westway Dr in Decatur
Moisture damage in crawl space, dripping moisturein crawl, brick house. built 1985, we just signed papers to buy this house and didnt know moisture has been doing this , for years, sill plate is rotten on east and south end
Vicinity of Sandcreek Rd in Decatur
We would like to have an estimate on our basement, we have some water leaking in.
Vicinity of Dakota Dr. in Decatur
We are wanting to finish the basement, but there are a few cracks that have seeped when we have gotten a lot of rain. We hope to just have the cracks fixed.
Vicinity of E Lawrence St in Decatur
I have found a house that I am interested in buying, but it has some slanting floors in the back of the house on the main floor, and on room in the basement that in the same area in the back of the house. It has been approved by the sellers that I could get someone to look at it before putting in an offer. Just would like to know a price of fixing the problem if i chose to buy the house.
Vicinity of Buckeye Ln in Decatur
I recently had Terminix do a termite inspection and they told me I am starting to have mold/fungus growing in a couple areas in my crawl space on the floor joists. They quoted me for treating and installing a new vapo barrier. So now I am trying to gather other quotes.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Dr in Decatur
I have a crack that runs from the top of the basement wall down to the basement floor. It does not seem to be affecting the upstairs, I need to know if this is a serious repair or what. Thank You
Vicinity of Richland Dr in Decatur
I'm looking for the lowest possible cost to dry out my crawl prior to selling the property.
Vicinity of Ridgeway in Decatur
Need an estimate to repair bowed basement walls.
Vicinity of Meadow Terrace in Decatur
Need an estimate for basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Miers Dr. in Decatur
I would like an estimate for having my bowed wall in my basement reinforced. The wall is around 10 ft. long and made of brick.
Vicinity of Shoreline Dr. in Decatur
I have a crawl space with a stone foundation that gets water in it everytime it rains. I live on the middle of a hill and get water from the house behind us. The ground is mostly clay.
Vicinity of Ivy Lane in Decatur
Looking to get a quote for a vapor barrier system in a crawl space in Decatur, IL.