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Sinking Tilton, IL Foundation Righted With Push Piers

Cracks in exterior brickwork, floors, and interior walls are often signs of foundation settlement. This Tilton, Illinois homeowner noticed all three of these signs in his house, and he called Woods Basement Systems before the problem could get any worse. 

A Woods Team installed several galvanized steel Push Piers underneath the home before adjusting them to lift and support the foundation. This home is no longer sinking and no longer at risk for significant structural damage!

Hoopeston, IL Foundation Trouble Solution

This building in Hoopeston, Illinois has bowing walls which the occupants attempted to repair using caulk which does not fix a bowing wall problem, it merely covers it until it gets worse. Woods Basement Systems diagnosed the bowing walls and installed an anchor system to not only stop the walls from bowing in further but also to return the walls to their original shape.

Henning, Illinois Foundation Supported with Geo-Lock

Henning, Illinois homeowner Jacob was concerned about cracks in his block foundation. The horizontal and stair-step cracks were an indicator of bowing walls. System Design Specialist Greg B. inspected the foundation and designed a solution.

Jeremy R., Foreman, and his crew installed Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. These anchors work to restore the foundation walls to their original postion and provide permanent support for the foundation.

Geo-Lock Wall Anchors Support Allerton, Illinois Foundation

Allerton, Illinois homeowner Shawn M. was troubled when he discovered cracks in his block foundation. Upon inspection, System Design Specialist Greg B. determined the cracks were a result of bowing walls. Greg designed a solution.

Foreman Jeremy R. installed Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. Geo-Lock is made of galvanized steel, so it won't corrode. These anchors are installed into undisturbed soil and provide permanent support. Geo-Lock Wall Anchors work to restore the walls to their original position.

With Geo-Lock, Shawn has peace of mind knowing his foundation is safe.

Severely Bowing Basement Walls Stabilized in Longview, Illinois

Longview, Illnois homeowner Floyd had several cracks in multiple cinder block foundation walls of home. Concerned about the integrity of his home, he contacted Woods Basement Systems for a free foundation estimate. 

Design specialist Greg B. determined the best solution for Floyd's home would be the installation of PowerBraces along the cracked walls, which can stop further damage and potentially straighten the wall. This system involves no exterior excavation and permanently stabilizes the wall. It is one of the many customizable solutions we offer for stabilizing bowing, tipping, or buckling foundation walls. 

Floyd can now rest assured him home's foundation is stable.

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