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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Failing Basement Wall Stabilized in Godfrey, IL

Homeowners in Godfrey, IL had cracks forming on the walls of their basement indicating signs of wall failure. To solve this issue, GeoLock Wall Anchors were installed. These are galvanized steel earth anchors embedded into the soil out and away from the foundation wall. Once installed, these will hold the walls in their current position and can be tightened to allow for improvement and straightening of the wall over time. These can be installed around obstacles on the wall such as pipes, sinks, or furniture. This is the best solution to straighten the wall over time, as it can fix severe problems and stabilize the foundation for good!



PushPiers Solve Cracked Foundation

In Palestine, Illinois homeowner Jenny M. was concerned about the well-being of her home. Lately, she had noticed cracks forming around her home on the walls of her basement. She was unsure of what was causing it and wanted to solve the problem before it became worse. After talking to friends and family, she made a call to Woods Basement Systems.

Our foreman Jose Lorenzana has over 15 years of experience fixing foundation problems just like the one in Jenny’s home. Jose and his team installed PushPiers underneath the footing of the home to lift and stabilize the walls of the foundation, in many cases lifting the home back to its original position. This solution will close cracks and stop the formation of new ones. Homeowner Jenny was pleased with the work done by the Woods Basement Systems team and now refers family and friends to the company when they have a problem in their basement.

PowerBrace Stabilizes a Settling Foundation in Westville, IL

A foundation in Westville, IL was settling, causing cracks to form in several places. To fix this, the powerBrace System was installed. This will permanently stabilize the foundation, eliminate any further inward movement, and reverse the effects of wall failure. It will also straighten the walls back to their original position and close the cracks to prevent water leakage. This foundation will remain stable for years to come!


Stabilizing a Crawlspace in Chrisman, IL

Crawlspace support posts were failing in Chrisman, IL, causing the floor above to shift. To solve this issue, the SmartJack System was installed. These steel support systems can permanently stabilize and level the floor joists and girders in the crawlspace. These add strength and stability to the existing columns and piers. They are unaffected by moisture, as they will not rust, weaken, or be affected by mold. These will lift the floors above back toward their original position, reduce floor “bounce” caused by excessive joist spans, and solve the problem once and for all!


Sinking Tilton, IL Foundation Righted With Push Piers

Cracks in exterior brickwork, floors, and interior walls are often signs of foundation settlement. This Tilton, Illinois homeowner noticed all three of these signs in his house, and he called Woods Basement Systems before the problem could get any worse. 

A Woods Team installed several galvanized steel Push Piers underneath the home before adjusting them to lift and support the foundation. This home is no longer sinking and no longer at risk for significant structural damage!

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