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Basement Finishing Before & After Photos

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BrightWall Installed in Paris, Illinois Basement

Paris, Illinois residents Kathy and Warren K. were tired of their ugly basement walls. The walls had cracks that allowed water to leak into their basement. Thanks to foreman Melvin F. a system was installed to keep the basement both dry and beautiful.

BrightWall works with the waterproofing system, which was also installed by Melvin F. and his team. The BrightWall system guides water to the WaterGuard, but also provides the basement with a clean look. Because BrightWall is inorganic, it does not support mold growth. Not only is Kathy and Warren's basement dry, but it is also beautiful.

Crossville, Illinois Basement Transformed with BrightWall and WaterGuard

Alan and Sheila N. of Crossville, IL was concerned about their basement walls getting damaged by mold from water seepage during heavy rains. System Design Specialist Sam W. understood their needs and recommended BrightWall panels and installing a WaterGuard perimeter drainage system. BrightWall not only greatly enhances the appearance of the basement, but it also has waterproofing qualities and redirects wall seepage to flow into the WaterGuard. Foreman Greg H. and his crew installed these effective systems and now Alan and Shelia can enjoy their newly transformed basement!

Urbana, IL Finished Basement Transforms with EverLast Panels & ThermalDry Floors

This Urbana, Illinois homeowner wanted to finish his basement and utilize this space. He knew exactly who to call, Woods Basement Systems! Team Woods worked with this homeowner to design a safe and dry basement that would meet his desires. Just look at the difference!

On the walls, EverLast panels were installed, and the updated floors are ThermalDry titles in the shade Sandstone.

Total Basement Finishing in Urbana, IL

A homeowner in Urbana, IL wanted to have the basement finished, so the EverLast Finished Wall Restoration System was installed to fully restore the basement walls. The trim of this system is all plastic and installed over metal studs, so no paint is ever needed. It also can’t be ruined by a plumbing leak, high humidity, or mold growth. Additionally, a ThermalDry Flooring System was installed. The planks have pegs that raise the flooring above the concrete floor, preventing water vapor from getting trapped and providing a thermal break from the cold concrete slab. This results in a warmer basement floor that won't grow mold, rot, or buckle. This basement will look new and clean for years to come!

From Damp Champaign Basement to Delightful Remodel

Witness the difference between damp, unfinished basement walls and floors and dry, gorgeous space remodeled with Total Basement Finishing.  These damp basement walls and floor in Champaign, Illinois were transformed into a delightfully-finished space. The inorganic, insulated wall, waterproof basement flooring, and vinyl baseboard trim provide a clean and bright finish that will not encourage mold growth and wil continue to look great for years to come.

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