Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: BrightWall Basement in Carterville, IL

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


This homeowner didn’t want to completely finish his basement, but also wanted something to give it a clean and polished look, while adding waterproof protection.  In the past, he had tried coating the walls with paints and sealants, but moisture still permeated through them.  This only made the walls look worse due to the peeling and flaky coatings on them.  The homeowner wanted a better solution to his problem.


Woods solved this homeowner’s issue by installing BrightWall.  The BrightWall Paneling System turns basements that may otherwise have been unusable into attractive, dry living spaces.  BrightWall is attached to the walls with special fasteners that will never come off.  It provides a clean, bright, semi-finished look to the basement walls while draining any leaks down to the water drainage system.  BrightWall looks great and is an extremely durable wall system option.

Unlike a coating, BrightWall can never be pushed off by moisture coming through the walls because there is no adhesive bond to rely on.  BrightWall panels are 100% waterproof so they will never rot, warp, or discolor.  Any water coming in through cracks in the walls will run behind the panel down to the waterproofing system below.

BrightWall panels drastically improve the appearance of any unfinished basement.  They are clean and bright and can even be washed just like a kitchen countertop.  The resident was very pleased with the end result and now enjoys a clean and dry basement.

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