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Replacing a Faulty Sump Pump in Champaign, IL

A sump pump was not working right in Champaign, IL, causing issues when water entered the basement. To solve this issue, the WaterGuard System was first installed. This drainage system is installed adjacent to the home and provides a channel that connects to the sump pump.  Its design will drain any wall seepage without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter and clog the pipes. Next, the TripleSafe Sump Pump System was installed. This system assures protection from everyday problems with an ordinary pump. The TripleSafe can handle a heavy flow of water, thanks to a secondary pump included inside that will help eliminate the water if the first pump is unable to keep up with the amount of water that is entering it. It also features a removable airtight lid which reduces noise, prevents objects from falling in, and keeps moisture, insects, and odor from coming out of the sump. Thanks to these systems, this basement will stay dry all the time!



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