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UltraSump Installed in St. Louis, MO

Edmond K. of St. Louis, Missouri wanted a sump pump installed in the basement of his home, due to concern about water leakage. Before he called Woods Basement Systems, Edmond did not have any kind of waterproofing agents in his basement. Worried about the upcoming spring whether, he had our foremen Clay Laister and his team come out to help waterproof his basement.

Clay and his team installed a UltraSump sump pump system at the lowest point of the basement, therefore, when rain was to enter the basement it would head straight to the pump. Once the water is in the pump, it is sent up and out of the basement far away from the foundation walls. With the UltraSump, the pump will kick in when the power goes out. Now Edmond can have peace of mind during a storm or bad whether.

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