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Sealing a Crawlspace in Lovington, IL

This home in Albers, IL. had a section of the home that sat over a basement and a section of the home that sat over a crawlspace. Both of these areas can present unique challenges for waterproofing a home. 


The crawlspace had a dirt floor that allowed water vapor to rise up into the underside of the home where it could weaken the wooden floor joists and feed mold throughout the home. The basement walls had cracks that allowed water to leak in through the wall where it could collect on the floor and cause damage or evaporate into the air and make the basement feel damp and uncomfortable. 


To fix this, foreman Jose L. started by encapsulating the crawlspace with CleanSpace™ liner. CleanSpace™ is a super durable and mold resistant waterproofing liner that covers the floor and most of the walls of the crawlspace to prevent any water or water vapor from entering the area. With CleanSpace™ installed, the crawlspace would be kept dry and protected from potential water leaks that come from below ground.

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